Creamy (Vegan!) Cucumber Salad

Creamy Cucumber Salad – Ceara’s Kitchen

Here at White Arrow our cucumber harvest, much like our summer squashes, can be plentiful and sometimes cumbersome (see what I did there?).

We typically make lots of refrigerator pickles, toss them into tabbouleh, or just eat them straight up.  Yet somehow, they are still everywhere.  So I hit the googles and found this super simple, delicious cucumber salad.  We used our little gherkins in this recipe, but you could really use any variety you like.

Our current favorite Vegan Mayo brand is the garlic “Just Mayo”.  And it’s perfect for this salad.  I also added less than it called for (1/2 cup) and it turned out perfect.  I hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did!  I am already planning to make it again tonight, as it’s a perfect tote-able lunch item and I’m sure I will be coming home to even more cucumbers in our fridge tonight.  ♥

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